Apple Tree Library Service

Apple Tree provides a free, exclusive library service for its students to support their continued learning outside of the playgroup sessions.

There is no extra cost to parents, and all Apple Tree Playgroup students are automatically enrolled as members of the Apple Tree Library Service. It is not possible for non-students to sign-up as members.

Every member is allowed to borrow one library book home once a week and return it at the first session of the following week. A member will have to buy the library book if it is damaged or lost.

A member will only be allowed to borrow another book when he/she returns the previous book on loan.

We wish to thank all parents for their co-operation and help in taking care of the library books. We know parents will understand that the books have to be circulated among all our playgroups to maximise usage.

Apple Tree Retail

Apple Tree imports a small quantity of high quality educational aids, toys, games and books to supplement the learning material we developed or sourced locally. If we have sufficient stock, we make them available for purchase by our students as well.

Please approach the teacher directly if you wish to buy any learning material. The catalogue can be found here.

Pingu’s English

A playgroup programme lasts only a year. If you wish to develop your child’s language and communication capabilities beyond that, you might want to consider Pingu’s English. It is a set of audio-visual material based on the popular children’s cartoon, and designed for self-directed learning at home by young children.

Please visit the Pingu’s English website for more information.