Class Year 2021 for children born in 2018.
Class Year 2022, we are closing all our centres due to the difficulties we are facing in handling the covid 19 pandemic disruptions and measures. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.  

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Blk 231 Simei St 4
9.00-11.00am /
$195 per month for Year 2021.
Material Fees
$150 per half-year
Blk 155 Simei Road
9.00-11.00am / 11.30am - 1.30pm
$195 per month for Year 2021
Material Fees
$150 per half-year


Academic Calendar and Holidays

  1. The academic year is based on a calendar year of 52 weeks. Sessions are held over 40 weeks, divided into four blocks of 10 weeks each. Week-long and month-long breaks are scheduled in between the blocks. The month-long breaks are scheduled in June and December.
  2. We also observe all kindergarten breaks, including public holidays. There are also no sessions on Lunar New Year’s Eve, Hari Raya Puasa’s Eve and Deepavali’s Eve.

Fees and Collection

  1. Attendance at the playgroup requires payment of both the school fee and materials fee. Certain ad-hoc activities may require separate additional fees.
  2. School fee is collected for the entire academic year. These are broken into monthly payments.
  3. School fee for the month of January will be collected during registration
  4. School fee for the months of June and December will be collected together with the April and July fees respectively. There are no sessions in June and December.
  5. School fee for each month have to be paid in the last week of the preceding month, e.g. fee for February will be due in the last week of January.
  6. Materials fee is collected twice a year in half-yearly blocks; during the initial registration and in July.
  7. All fees paid are not refundable or transferable.
  8. There will be no deduction of fees for absenteeism.
  9. New playgroup students starting on any day of a particular month will pay full month's school fee for that month and the half-year materials fee. There is no pro-rating of the fees.
  10. Fees are to be paid when due. Postponing payment of fees to a later date is not permitted.

Withdrawal and Refunds

  1. There is no refund once payment is made online through OnePA.
  2. 100% of materials fee will be refunded if a student withdraws registration after the cut-off date and before the start of class. If a student withdraws registration after the start of class no fee will be refunded regardless of any reason. One week’s notice is required for withdrawal.


Parent/Guardian Behaviour

  1. Parents/guardians are generally not allowed to sit-in for sessions as the aim is to train your child/ward to be independent and confident, except during the first session.
  2. The teacher can allow one parent/guardian of a particular student to sit-in if deems necessary.
  3. Any parent sitting-in is required to take a temperature check. We seek your co-operation not to go in and out of the centre/classroom once a session begins.
  4. Avoid chatting if you are in the classroom during the session.
  5. Parents/guardians are also advised not to be anxious and crowd around your children when they do their activities.
  6. Be confident and cheerful when bringing your child to each playgroup session. If you feel worried and unsure, your child/ward will feel the same, thus making his/her first few sessions difficult.

Uniform and Jewellery

  1. Students must attend the sessions in uniform.
  2. Students are discouraged from wearing any kind of jewellery while attending the sessions.

Security and Safety

  1. The gate of the centre will be locked once all students have signed-in and settled down.
  2. All students must be signed-in upon arrival.
  3. At the end of each session, they will only be signed-out to parents/guardians whose identities are registered with us.

Apple Tree Library Service

  1. Apple Tree provides a free, exclusive library service for its students to support their continued learning outside of the playgroup sessions.
  2. There is no extra cost to parents, and all Apple Tree Playgroup students are automatically enrolled as members of the Apple Tree Library Service.
  3. Every library member is allowed to borrow one library book home once a week and return it at the first session of the following week. A member will have to buy the library book if it is damaged or lost.
  4. A library member will only be allowed to borrow another book when he/she returns the previous book on loan.
  5. Parents/guardians are requested to help take care of these library books as they have to be circulated among our playgroups.


  1. Please inform the teachers in advance if you wish to celebrate your child's/ward’s birthday during a session.
  2. In the first few sessions, longer play times are scheduled to help your child/ward to relax, adjust to the new environment, and get to know other children.
  3. For matters not specified in the Rules and Regulations, Apple Tree and its teachers/staff will make a decision based on our policies and procedures.
  4. Apple Tree and its teachers/staff have absolute discretion in the application and interpretation of the Rules and Regulations.


We have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions of Registration, Session Rules and Regulations. We further acknowledge and agree:

  1. To pay the June school fee in advance with the April school fee during the last week of March;
  2. To pay the December school fee in advance with the July school fee during the first week of July;
  3. To pay the materials fee for the second half-year during the first three days of July;
  4. There will be no sessions in June and December; and
  5. All payments are NOT REFUNDABLE and NOT TRANSFERABLE regardless of the reason(s).
I accept the above Terms and Conditions, Session Rules and Regulations and the fees collection for months of June and December.

Blk 624, Ang Mo Kio Ave 4 RC Ctr.
S$175 per month
Material Fees
S$140 per half year

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