Teaching Staff – Qualified, Trained and Experienced

We depend on our teachers and teaching assistants to deliver the curriculum in a consistent manner and at the standards we expect, while ensuring the smooth operation of their playgroups.

All new teaching staff are provided with extensive training and mentoring. Unless exempted, every teacher is required to possess recognised early childhood educator qualification. Teachers who consistently fail to meet the required standards are asked to leave.

Throughout each term we conduct fortnightly team meetings with our teachers and teaching assistants to:

  • Review lesson plans, activities, and learning material, etc.
  • Debrief and help resolve any particular issues they might be facing
  • Update staff on the latest happenings and changes
  • Brief the lesson plans and themes for the next two weeks
  • Train, and try out the theme activities (the teaching staff try everything first!)
  • Rehearse dances, story telling, and acting
  • Monitor their stress levels and general psychological well-being
  • Generally recharge, rejuvenate and motivate them

In addition to team meetings, supervisors visit each centre under their charge to discuss and resolve any queries or difficulties faced by teachers and teaching assistants, and generally ensure lesson plans are delivered consistently and at the expected standards.

Our teacher turnover rate is low! More than a third of our staff has been with us for 10 years or more. This helps to ensure consistency and a high standard in general as the pool of teaching staff becomes more experienced.